A big, bold move into the world of web standards!


So after developing software for about 10 years and wanting to write a technical blog for 5 of those, I finally decided to wet my feet.

My recent exploits with MVC drove me to finally start blogging – or document my journey into this fascinating world of web standards. I attribute this baptism to MVC and my new-found passion for front end development. Before MVC, I mindlessly dropped controls on my forms never worrying about what & how ASP/ASP.Net worked behind the scenes to convert them into valid HTML elements. To my credit, I considered myself more of a business logic guy and loved (and still do) what I did. By no means am I a designer now, hell no. I still think from the left side of my brain, but off late I have been pushing myself to use at least an iota of my right. Let me tell you its rusty, it creaks every time I exert it.

I personally think that the right lobe activity starts early in one’s life and maybe I’m a little too old to try to jump-start my creative and imaginative side, but I also think that one doesn’t need to think from their right brain to be a good web designer; GREAT designer – most definitely (At least this is what I have led myself to believe to keep me going).

I have been developing exclusively in C# all my life with some C, C++ and a boat load of other languages during my Bachelors and Masters (which I should say, I never ever used in my life, LISP anyone??). Adopting MVC mandated coding in pure HTML and JavaScript. After being a little apprehensive in the beginning, I have grown to love this new world of Web Standards, HTML 5 & CSS 3, finally grasping what all this rave was about, this whole new world, no this microcosm of open source plugins developed on top of libraries like jQuery, Prototype, etc and the juggernaut called GitHub.

So to initiate this journey, I am going to blog about my very first jQuery plugin and how I plan to make it open source and host it on GitHub for people to freely use my work and hopefully enhance it and help me learn through this process.

I don’t know which direction this is going to go, if my passion for web designing will still be alive in a year or if I have moved on….

So here goes……


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